• What is a Video Sender? How does it work? where can i buy one? •

The basic functions of a video sender.

A video sender has the capabilities to transmit wirelessly any SCART or CVBS signal to a receiver in another room in your house. This means that you can transmit your Sky, Virgin, NTL, Freeview, DVD and any other signals to a second bedroom.

All DigiSender video senders also have the ability to transmit from the second room your remote control signal so you can not only watch Sky TV in your bedroom, you can also flick through the channels too.

DigiSender functions.

Some DigiSenders have more functions than the average video sender allowing for multiple inputs and also parental controls. More info on the diferenced in the products can be seen here.

How Video Senders work.

The diagram below shows how the digisender transmits your Sky; to your bedroom and your sky remote signal back to the sky box. The Remote Relay function allows you to take your source (SKY) remote to your bedroom and change channels downstairs.
DigiSender, how it works

Where can I buy a DigiSender wireless video transmitter?

First you need to decide which video sender functions you require, all of the models produced by DigiSender include the same basic Wireless video transmitting function and the wireless remote relay function except for the DG100DE (DigiEye remote control extender) which is simple a remote control extender.


As noted above you can compare all DigiSenders from our range by clicking here.


Once you know which DigiSender model you want you can click the purchase link at the top of the page which will take you to the easylife.com sales website.


Can I buy in bulk for my business?

Yes, Please see here for more information.


I have another question...

If you have any queries please ask at www.aei.eu/support we will be happy to answer any queries.